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Who and What is Coffee EVI?


Coffee EVI is a husband and wife team with one dream. Starting with one store in South Tampa, we plan on bringing back the coffee house magic that the chain house has forgotten. Starting with personalized service, coupled with a more commonly palatable coffee that is seemingly less bitter and more smooth. Ever try a straight shot of espresso from the coffee house chain? Well, the fact is that espresso doesn’t have to taste so bitter and unbecoming. Kahwa Coffee Roasting

Our roasters, Kahwa Coffee & Ammerida source the best beans and roast to perfection. A very smooth, never bitter espresso and a rich dark roast for our brew that even the most discerning coffee enthusiasts enjoy.

Our atmosphere will also inspire a more European feel, yet still firmly rooted with American tastes in mind. The wife is from Istanbul, Turkey and the husband from Pennsylvania. Together is promised to be fused a great combination of European style with American taste.

Oturkish-coffeeur name, Coffee EVI, is a combination of English and Turkish. Coffee is of course English and Evi is “house” in Turkish. Together in full English is Coffee House. Why spell “house” in Turkish you may ask? It is not because the wife owner is Turkish and it is not because it sounds cool…which both are valid points. But rather it is to celebrate the first ever known coffee house in history, called Kiva Han around the year 1475 located in Constantinople (which is today Istanbul, Turkey). Yes, that is right. The first coffee house was in Istanbul, Turkey. Italy’s first coffee house wasn’t until the 17th Century.

Our coffee house will pay homage to the history of coffee, from the coffee bean discovery in Ethiopia to the first coffee house in Constantinople to the advent of the espresso machine in Italy. You will see its history throughout Coffee EVI while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. We have free WiFi in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. So come on in to Coffee EVI and take your coffee and tea experience to another level.


Our Commitment and promise,

Joel & Yasemin Fritchman